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Two NPC mods for IWD:EE

I’ve released two NPC mods for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition! Those looking to spice up their game with new, immersive companions with full friendships, romances and banters should give them a try.

Minerva is a neutral good gnome fighter/artificer. Those who have played with Aura NPC for BG1 may recognize her as that NPC’s grandmother. Why is she in the Frozenfar? For adventure, of course.

Karihi is a chaotic neutral fire genasi pyromancer mage. A fallen noble with the arrogance to match… though also powerful enough to justify it.

If one installs the Crossmod Banter Pack for IWD:EE, these two NPCs will banter with each other, along with Dendjelion, Dusky, Ina, Oak-Maw, Tipps and Urchin by Lava Del’Vortel, as well as the Icewind Dale NPCs by Kulyok.

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