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Aurelia Minerva Eveline Glimmershine




Artificer (Thief)

Alternate: Illusionist / Artificer, Priestess (Cleric) / Artificer









(Illusionist) / Artificer

Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninja-tō +

Shortbow +


Priestess / Artificer

Quarterstaff +

Shortbow +


VA: Zhephyre (original VA: Kait)
Neutral Good



“When asked about her past, AURA tells you a long and convoluted tale of her life from her childhood to her life spent in faraway Kozakura. Born from the prestigious Glimmershine family in the “enlightened” island nation of Lantan, known for their skills in invention and artifice. Aura’s talent for artifice and creation at a young age coupled with a wide-idea curiosity of the world beyond her home led her to travel to distant lands looking to advance her knowledge of cultures and exchange knowledge to other, less advanced societies.

While few Lantanese venture far from the western side of Faerun, Aura is unusually well travelled, having ventured to the most distant parts of and even beyond Faerun. Among such places, she claims to have taken a temporary residence in faraway Kozakura, a nation in the eastern land of Kara-Tur. Aura’s talents in creation gave her a place among the locals of the village in which she made her new home for three years, after which a certain course of events led her to leave on a journey towards the Sword Coast.


Aura is kind and idealistic at heart. She can be rather shy and socially inept when interacting with strangers, but easily turns peppy and excitable when the topic strays into her fields of expertise, being capable of talking or (more likely) lecturing others for up to hours on end.

Aura is generally friendly, making at least a basic effort to bond with all of her travelling companions to varying success. She approves of innovation, seeking knowledge, and using one’s talents to assist others. Therefore, she is best suited for good-aligned parties, though she will follow any PC with at least average standards.


Aura can be found in the Beregost town center. When she is removed from the party, she may either go to the Friendly Arm Inn or remain where she is.

Upon joining the party, a quest will be added to the journal. This quest will begin later on in the plot.

As an artificer, Aura may also modify certain magical items that the party acquires in their journey.

In Siege of Dragonspear, she can be found in the Coast Way Forest. She will follow the camp if outside of the party so long as she is encountered. If she is present, she can provide the party with certain benefits throughout the campaign even if she is not currently with the party.


Aura may be flirted with in BG1 by a female PC of any race. A compatible PC gains romantic dialogue options during her friendship talks, but there is no romance path.

In SoD, Aura may begin a romance with a non-evil female of any race with 12+ Intelligence and 10+ Charisma. Aura is generally affectionate and will respond amicably to a partner who is friendly, intelligent, and willing to listen. On the other hand, she is quick to back off if the PC displays no signs of interest, and callous responses are quick to turn her off.


Aura is a single-class thief by default that uses the custom artificer kit, which specializes in traps, potions and Intelligence-based marksmanship at the cost of hit points and melee potential. She is fairly vulnerable and weak at early levels, but gains a tremendous amount of versatility through gaining new potions and increasing the potency of her traps. Upon completing her quest, she gains an additional ‘skill’ to add to her prowess.

For those who are looking for a more diverse set of skills, she may also optionally be installed as a multi-class Illusionist / Artificer or Priestess / Artificer.

Alternate Portraits

During Aura’s development process, I began practicing image editing and produced multiple portraits of various quality throughout the course of my modding hobby. While they are, in my opinion, of much lower quality than her current default, they are still available for use both for nostalgia and as records of how the mod has changed since its initial release.

Some of the below portraits were also created by other artists, all of which may be chosen as alternatives during the installation process.

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