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Full Name: Pai’Na
Race: Half-Drow
Class: Druid (Hivemaster)

  • Quarterstaff +

  • Dagger +

  • Dart +

  • Two-Handed Weapon Style +


“PAI’NA snarls when you ask about her past, telling you that it is none of your business and that it is enough to know that her half-drow heritage has made her an outcast from any form of civilized society. As a hivemaster druid, her duty of tending to the arachnids of the land is foremost, though she has decided to travel with you for now.”


Pai’Na is the progeny of human and drow parentage – her mother was a human slave of the Underdark who escaped by some unknown means. Though she did not survive after reaching the surface, the newborn Pai’Na was taken in by a woman in the forest of Tethyr. Though a witch by reputation, the woman was actually a powerful hivemaster, and tutored Pai’Na in her ways. For reasons unknown, Pai’Na left her foster mother’s care not long after coming of age, before her training was complete.

Well, what else can I say about Pai’Na… her original BG2 character did not have much in the ways of personality, aside from her devotion to her spiders – her children, as she likes to call them. Therefore, much of her character as written is my own creation. She is very much unlike Jaheira and Cernd – don’t expect her to preach on about the importance of balance, as her foremost concern is for the safety of her own charges. Personality-wise, she can be moody, unsociable and temperamental, but she isn’t that bad of a person if you get on her good side. In short, she’s less of a druid and rather someone looking out for herself and her ‘family’, so to speak. She also despises drow, whom she blames for making her a social outcast, and doesn’t care much for humans either due to their lack of care for where they step. If you’re not charismatic enough, she will come to blows with Viconia.

Mod Details

Pai’Na has a series of ten timer-based dialogues with the PC throughout SoA, and five dialogues in ToB. She banters with every Bioware and Beamdog joinable NPC at least once, and will conflict with Viconia.

The Kitthix figurine is in her possession upon joining and bears a personal connection with her. Upon reaching 14th level in druid, the figurine will become upgraded.

Upon recruiting Pai’Na, the party will receive a -1 penalty to Reputation due to the negative stigma against drow-spawn, albeit not as harsh as with Viconia.

Pai’Na is involved in a small encounter in the Forest of Tethir during Chapter 6.

Hivemaster Druid Kit

Pai’Na uses the Hivemaster kit from The Artisan’s Kitpack, though installation of the kitpack is not needed for the NPC mod, which will install the standalone kit.

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