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“There is a dark secret hidden within the walls of Candlekeep, forbidden to be spoken of among the scribes and monks even in hushed voices. A well of shadow magic, fueled by darkness and loss, shunned by most practitioners of the arcane arts. Such powers originate from the realm of the Shadow Weave, the distorted mockery of Mystra’s Weave created by Shar, the Nightsinger. So obscure is this power that most are unaware of its existence, and those that know of it refuse to acknowledge it due to its dark origins. However, the seductive whispers of this power has called to you, an apprentice mage who had barely mastered your first cantrip, since a young age, deep beneath the great library.

When the voices became too much to resist, you snuck into the depths of Candlekeep in the dead of night, where unwanted and dangerous secrets are left to rot. Inside of a once-sealed chamber stood a strange fountain, an open wound in the Prime Material Plane through which the energies of the Shadow Weave bled. As soon as you touched the eerie yet beautiful strands of magic that flowed from the wound, you felt an awakening as your connection to the Weave was severed and the power of Shar’s dark Weave coursed through you in its place, bestowing upon you a magic that few are gifted with. As you matured, the growing magic within you developed a symbiotic connection until it became one with your very being, and the power of the Shadow Weave became subservient to your will. Gorion and your tutors grew wary of the strange magic that you wielded, though they never learned of the source. Though you knew the dangers of toying with Shar’s domain were great, the temptation of such a little-known power in your hands were a thousand times worth the cost.”

– biography of a shadow adept Bhaalspawn


The Shadow Weave is an imitation of Mystra’s Weave, created by Shar. Though it is practiced by few due to its dangers of creating a pact with the goddess of night and loss, those who choose to draw power from the Shadow Weave despite its risks become Shadow Adepts, magicians who exchange their own life force to call upon powerful magic to bend wills, ensnare minds and deceive the senses. Those who become experienced with the Shadow Art are able to call upon powers others could only dream of.

This mod allows the player to become a Shadow Adept, a mage which is unable to use regular arcane magic, but uses Shadow Weave magic instead, having a selection of roughly a dozen spells for each spell level. Some spells are imitations of those of the Weave, with similar but often more powerful effects. Others have unique effects not shared by any other spells. However, such power comes as a price, as each spell the Shadow Adept uses also carries the risk of temporarily draining the caster’s Constitution, causing the risk of death if too many spells are cast in succession. The more powerful the spell, the greater the cost.

The Shadow Adept is a mage kit with a completely unique spell selection with 100+ new spells to choose from. A lot of them are copies of existing spells but there are quite a few relatively unique ones in there.


This required subcomponent allows the installer to choose the resource cost that Shadow Weave magic uses. The options are:

  1. Drain Constitution (cost = spell level, lasts 3 rounds)

  2. Current Hit Points (cost = spell level*2)

  3. Maximum Hit Points (cost = spell level*2, lasts 6 rounds, current hit points do not recover)

  4. No cost

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