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Name: Karihi
Race: Fire Genasi
Class: Mage (Pyromancer)

  • Quarterstaff +

Karihi’s portrait was made by myself using Creative Commons stock images.

Karihi’s soundset is voiced by the wonderful jmaeq.

Karihi’s theme is ‘Fireside Tales’, composed by Darren Curtis.


“When asked about her past, KARIHI is unusually reticient, a far cry from her usual fiery and commanding demeanor. All you can discern from the few details you can gather is that she hails from a region in the far eastern corner of Faerûn, and judging from her eloquence and intelligence, is likely of noble descent. Fittingly for her fire genasi heritage, she is hot-tempered and quick to take offense, as well as self-assured and arrogant, but her skills as a pyromancer and scholar are undeniably impressive. Only time could possibly tell what personal secrets she has to hide.”

Karihi may be recruited in Easthaven, standing outside the Snowdrift Inn.

Friendship & Romance

Karihi has a series of friendship dialogues throughout the game, and a male human, elf or half-elf PC with 9+ Charisma may start a romance with her. Three early dialogues require the party to go to the tavern or inn in Kuldahar.


PYROMANCER: This type of mage does not specialize in a particular school, but rather in a specific type of element. Pyromancers use the power of the Elemental Plane of Fire, commanding powerful flames through sheer force of will, although this training has left them less adept at all other forms of magic.

– May cast one additional spell per level.
– +50% bonus to all fire damage dealt.
– Gains an additional +2% Fire Resistance per level gained to a maximum of +30%.
– Gains the following spells as mage spells: Fiery Missile, Flame Blade, Lower Fire Resistance, Wall of Fire, Flame Strike, Sol’s Searing Orb, Fire Storm, Blazing Inferno, Conflagration

– -50% penalty to all acid, cold, electrical and magical damage dealt.
– -10% penalty to arcane spell duration.
– Incurs a -2% penalty to Cold Resistance per level gained to a maximum of -30%.

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