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Author: AionZ

Warlock Mod has been updated to v2.1

  • Updated Eldritch Blast visual effect
  • Fixed a bug where using most Hideous Blow types would give enemies Eldritch Blasts instead of dealing damage

Warlock Mod updated to v2.0

  • Rebuilt Eldritch Blasts so that Blast, Spear and Chain forms are treated as ranged attacks (once per round) that require hit rolls.
  • Fixed bugs around Hellfire Blast not applying Constitution penalties
  • Added Infernal Soulplate to BG2
  • Added Black Hands of Ebonroc to BG2

Two NPC mods for IWD:EE

I’ve released two NPC mods for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition! Those looking to spice up their game with new, immersive companions with full friendships, romances and banters should give them a try.

Minerva is a neutral good gnome fighter/artificer. Those who have played with Aura NPC for BG1 may recognize her as that NPC’s grandmother. Why is she in the Frozenfar? For adventure, of course.

Karihi is a chaotic neutral fire genasi pyromancer mage. A fallen noble with the arrogance to match… though also powerful enough to justify it.

If one installs the Crossmod Banter Pack for IWD:EE, these two NPCs will banter with each other, along with Dendjelion, Dusky, Ina, Oak-Maw, Tipps and Urchin by Lava Del’Vortel, as well as the Icewind Dale NPCs by Kulyok.

Many updates.

Those who keep up at Beamdog Forums will be aware of several mod updates, but this site’s not been keeping up to par, and for that I apologize. While there are probably too many minor updates to list them, I’ll just mention some of the most significant changes below:

The Artisan’s Kitpack has had some makeovers, such as integrating the assassin rework’s Poison Weapon into all kits that make use of the same ability – including the newest component, a Blackguard rework.

Aura v3.0 has undergone some major updates, including kit ability updates, a new Priestess kit, bugfixes, and tentative EET compatibility. Stay tuned for BG2 content.

The Warlock mod has had some major overhauls, giving it better scaling, a more streamlined spellcasting mechanic for its blast essences, IWDEE compatibility, and more.

Shadow Magic has undergone some significant spell changes.

Sirene’s martyr kit has undergone a major overhaul – see details here. Both BG1 and BG2 content have been updated with the new version of the kit.

Thank you for all of your patience, support and patronage!

Aura for BG:EE updated to v2.8

Updated to v2.8.

  • Rolled back some kit mechanics that caused incorrect stats for multiclass
  • Improved arrow visuals
  • Improved Aerial Judgment visual

The new visual for the 5th craft rune spell, Aerial Judgment.

Aura for BG:EE updated to v2.7

  • Improved overhead comments in SoD
  • Added an event-based dialogue in SoD
  • Added a few alternate lines for mage-Aura
  • Added visual effect for targets that are Aflame
  • Increased speed and range of thrown explosives
  • Second crossmod banter with Verr occurs during rest as intended

Site overhaul is (mostly) complete.

I hope you all enjoy the updated layout of the site using a new theme. This site will hopefully get better over the next few days or weeks, so stay tuned for more updates.

And, don’t worry, mods are still being worked on.

Aura for BG:EE is open for playtesting.

The beta for Aura NPC for BG:EE only (no SoD content yet) is now available on github. Check it out here:

Drake for BG:EE and BG:SoD BETA available now!

Drake’s updated BG1 and full SoD content has been completed and the first beta is available for playing. Be aware that there will likely be bugs. Please report any found bugs either here or to my profile on Beamdog Forums!

Shadow Magic BETA Release

I’ve released an open beta of a new class/spell mod that I’m currently working on – the Shadow Adept, wielder of Shar’s Shadow Weave. Check it out here.

Sirene NPC for BG2:EE beta available

The continuation of Sirene is now in open beta status and is available for download! This is still an unstable early release so there will likely be bugs so use at your own risk. If you find any issues, please contact me here or at Beamdog Forums and I will work on fixing them asap.

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