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– 1 new NPC with banters, interjections and talks to PC
– 1 new item
– 1 NPC specific kit with 3 new spells
– 14 friendship talks
– Soundset taken from Icewind Dale
NEW – full content for Siege of Dragonspear expansion

She can be found and recruited outside of the Song of the Morning Temple by a PC of non-evil alignment at level 2 with a minimum of 2500 experience, though she will gain experience to match the PC at the moment of recruitment.

She banters with every Bioware and EE NPC at least once, talking more to good and neutral NPCs, and fourteen friendship talks planned with the option of teasing a romance. Currently there are no quests and no plans to add any.

In Siege of Dragonspear, she can be found in the Iron Throne building. She has a semi-romantic path with a PC with a minimum of 12 Charisma and any gender, alignment or race (though she will still not join evil protagonists).

Be warned that as a paladin, certain evil actions in the expansion will cause her to leave the party permanently.


“When asked about her past, SIRENE averts her gaze and flatly states that there is little to say. She was orphaned and left to die as a babe, likely abandoned due to her apparent fiendish heritage. Only by luck did she survive certain death by being discovered by a travelling priest of Ilmater, who brought her to others of his faith and raised her as a Holy Warrior of Suffering, the order of paladins dedicated to the Crying God. She resents her own contradictory nature, though she is unsure of which side.”


Sirene exhibits many of the typical qualities expected of a paladin; she is kind, dutiful and faithful. However, beneath her calm exterior lies a hidden temper owing to the fell blood which flows in her veins. Though she is a devoted champion of Ilmater, a past of being ostracized and persecuted by those she wishes to call her fellow men has left her unsure of her abilities and worthiness. She can be easily provoked by challenging, insulting or mocking her faith, which can be seen in her interactions with characters such as Tiax, Eldoth or even Xan, though she is also quick to acknowledge and apologize for her mistakes. She is closer to the ‘good’ side of her alignment rather than the ‘lawful’, and prefers protecting the weak to destroying evil. Because of this, she may be slightly more tolerant of evil companions, even if she can also be quite judgmental towards them. However, she will not tolerate Dorn (though they can come to an uneasy truce during Siege of Dragonspear)

Friendship & Romance

Sirene can be befriended by a PC of any alignment, race or statistics though she will not join evil protagonists. As she has few living friends in her life, she will be eager to befriend a PC that is willing to accept her. A PC of either gender with a Charisma of 12 or greater may flirt with her, though there is no separate romantic branch in BG:EE. In Siege of Dragonspear, there is a ‘romance’ of sorts, though it is significantly less romantic than the original romances.

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