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“If I had my way, there’d be no knights or squires and we’d all drink as equals. Alas, I appear to have been born in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Race: Human

Class: Priest of Tyr

STR: 17 DEX: 16 CON: 16 INT: 15 WIS: 15 CHA: 10

Drake Caulfield is a priest of Tyr in his mid-thirties and a recruit for the Radiant Heart auxiliary. Unlike others of his faith, he is sarcastic, irreverent and cynical with a crude sense of humor. Despite that, he has a strong sense of faith in his own way and holds a personal grudge against the cruel and unjust.

He can be found in Beregost at the Burning Wizard Inn and will offer his services so you may work together to slay the evil priest Bassilus.

In Siege of Dragonspear, he can be found at the Three Old Kegs, drinking (as usual)


“When asked about his past, DRAKE gives a sardonic laugh and responds that history would breathe easier if his past was left forgotten. A cleric of Tyr in his mid-thirties, second son of the Caulfield family, former ensign in the Amnian militia and, with a touch of irony when mentioning it, recruit of the Radiant Heart auxiliary, he considers himself ‘that thing they can’t get rid of’ within the Order. He openly admits that his unorthodox views on the tenets of the Order as well as the distribution of justice makes him something of a social pariah with both his fellows of the Radiant Heart and his family, almost all of whom have a history of service within the Order. According to him, while him being stationed outside of Amn was officially a mission to root out evil that plagued the Sword Coast, he believes it was nothing more than a formal means of sending him away and allowing his superiors to forget about him. Such an assignment seems to be to his preference, however, as he believes justice is best served with the edge of a blade – or in his case, the head of a hammer.”


Drake will talk to the player character so long as the party maintains a reputation above 12. A player character of either gender and any race may flirt with him, but his receptiveness will vary and he has no interest in beginning a relationship during BG1. Despite that, he may be willing to consider it for the future if he finds you compatible.


“Tyr’s buttocks, what I wouldn’t do for a warm fire and a stiff drink right now…”
“Hah! Looks like the scales favor *me*!”
“What honor there is to be had with your face in the dirt and your arse in the air, I don’t know, but that’s what my father would have you believe.”
“Dismissal is rare among members of the Order since only those who violate the rules would consider leaving… and those men are executed immediately. Head on the block, chop-chop, clean up, let’s never speak of this again.”
“Reminds me of the good old days in the army. Not that there were many good old days, mind you, no matter what the veterans might say. Lots of blood, broken skulls and even more crushed morale, though.”
“The old sods back at the Order would never approve. But I’ve seen too many men walk away free of the punishment they rightfully deserved. I’m not about to take any chances.”

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