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Full Name: Drake Lysandros Caulfield (I)
Race: Human
Class: Cleric (Priest of Tyr)

  • War Hammer +

  • Sling (alternate: Crossbow) +

VA: Kieran Walsh (original VA: BillyYank)


“When asked about his past, DRAKE gives a sardonic laugh and responds that history would breathe easier if his past was left forgotten. A cleric of Tyr in his mid-thirties, second son of the Caulfield family, former ensign in the Amnian militia and, with a touch of irony when mentioning it, recruit of the Radiant Heart auxiliary, he considers himself ‘that thing they can’t get rid of’ within the Order. He openly admits that his unorthodox views on the tenets of the Order as well as the distribution of justice makes him something of a social pariah with both his fellows of the Radiant Heart and his family, almost all of whom have a history of service within the Order. According to him, while him being stationed outside of Amn was officially a mission to root out evil that plagued the Sword Coast, he believes it was nothing more than a formal means of sending him away and allowing his superiors to forget about him. Such an assignment seems to be to his preference, however, as he believes justice is best served with the edge of a blade – or in his case, the head of a hammer.”


Drake is crude, sarcastic and never minces his words. Unusually pragmatic and cynical for a servant of justice, he nonetheless follows the ideals of the Tyrran faith, albeit often in… unorthodox ways. He prefers to live through life as it is rather than how it should be, and indulges heavily in drink and innuendo. This puts him at odds with his peers, and his direct personality often causes the same with his travelling companions.

For all his apparent faults, however, Drake is honest, reliable and often more intelligent than his demeanor may suggest. He has a strong sense of morality, choosing to see the world in more than black and white. He is strongly devoted to his family above all things, including the Order.

Friendship & Romance

Drake may be befriended by any PC of non-evil alignment, and may be flirted with during his various conversations by a PC of either gender and any race. While he may respond amicably, there is no romantic arc in BG1.

In Siege of Dragonspear, a non-evil PC with 16 or higher Charisma may flirt with him during his friendship dialogue, which may begin a romantic branch.

Other Details

Drake can be found in the Burning Wizard in BG1 and the Three Old Kegs in SoD.

Drake will not begin talking to the PC until Bassilus has been slain.

Drake has one companion quest in BG1 and initiates a quest in SoD without need for his company. Completion of his BG1 quest is mandatory for the completion of his friendship arc in that game.

NPC Relations

Likes: Rasaad, Kivan, Minsc, Khalid, Coran, Neera, Voghiln, SireneAura

Neutral: Dynaheir, Jaheira, Branwen, Yeslick, Faldorn, Garrick, Glint, Corwin, Alora, Viconia, Kagain, Verr’Sza, White

Amused: Ajantis, Quayle, Tiax, Xan, Edwin, Imoen, Baeloth, Shar-Teel, M’Khiin

Dislikes: Eldoth, Skie, Dorn, Xzar, Montaron, Safana

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