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Welcome to The Artisan’s Corner! Here you will find third-party created content for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced EditionBaldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear, Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition and Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition. Feel free to look around!

“From sacrifice comes pain. From pain, endurance. From endurance, strength. May Ilmater grant me the strength to succeed, and the courage to endure.”

Sirene is a tiefling paladin of Ilmater, the Crying God, patron of endurance and martyrdom. While she is still new to her responsibilities and uncertain of herself, she is a loyal follower of her faith and devoted the protection of the innocent. At the same time, the stigma of her infernal heritage has made her a lonely and withdrawn individual who desperately seeks the comfort of friendship and trust.

More information on the BG:EE and BG:SoD section can be found here.

More information on the BG2:EE section can be found here.

“I’ve got my vices, and I admit it. As an enforcer of justice, I set a terrible example. Still, I do my part to make Faerûn a better place, in the place of those that no longer can.”

A rather crude, cynical and sarcastic cleric of Tyr who serves the Order of the Radiant Heart in Amn, sent to investigate the iron crisis. You’ll find him drinking in the Burning Wizard inn of Beregost, seeking adventurers for the task of eliminating the mad priest Bassilus. He’s a man of many vices and often blasphemous, but is regardless devoted to justice and a strong hatred of all things evil.

More information on the BG:EE and BG:SoD section can be found here.

“I once thought I knew everything there is to know, until I crossed the sea from Lantan to these lands. Then I realized what I knew was barely anything at all.”

Aura Glimmershine is a young lawful good-aligned gnome artificer and inventor from the island nation of Lantan. She is kind and idealistic at heart, and while she can be rather shy and socially inept when interacting with strangers, but easily turns peppy and excitable when the topic strays into her fields of expertise. Aura uses the custom artificer thief kit—while unsuited for direct combat, it specializes in various forms of utility such as traps, alchemy, and a bit of unique magical prowess.

More information on the BG:EE and BG:SoD section can be found here.

“My spiders are as family to me. And as long as I tolerate your company, you will respect them as such. Do you understand?”

This mod makes Pai’Na, the true neutral half-drow druid in the Graveyard tombs, a playable NPC with banters and interjections. She uses the Hivemaster Kit from The Artisan’s Kitpack and contains content for the entirety of Shadows of Amn to Throne of Bhaal. No voicing.

More information on the mod can be found here.

The Artisan’s Kitpack is a collection of original kits and kit reworks. Kits such as the Berserker, Kensai and Assassin are reworked and new kits such as Arcane Archer, Palemaster, Warhorn Shaman and Mystic Fire are added.

These kits are not only available for the PC, but optionally available for various appropriate NPCs. Vanguard Khalid, Rashemi Berserker Minsc and Rogue Archer Imoen are all examples of new kit additions that make a few companions stand out more in gameplay.

More information on the mod can be found here.

Bardic Wonders was one of my first mods, beginning as a compilation of the Troubadour bard kit and a selection of bardic-themed items. It was later expanded to add more kits with a focus on unique bard songs. It now serves as a parallel to The Artisan’s Kitpack and House Rule Tweaks, comprised of any and all bard kit and tweaks.

Components include:

  • Many new bard kits, each with a unique song

  • Overhauls of the original bard kits

  • New items

  • Bardic Inspirations

  • Armored Casting

  • Bard Song Mechanics Tweak

More information on the mod can be found here.

“The Shadow Weave is an imitation of Mystra’s Weave, created by Shar. Though it is practiced by few due to its dangers of creating a pact with the goddess of night and loss, those who choose to draw power from the Shadow Weave despite its risks become Shadow Adepts, magicians who exchange their own life force to call upon powerful magic to bend wills, ensnare minds and deceive the senses. Those who become experienced with the Shadow Art are able to call upon powers others could only dream of.”

This mod allows the player to become a Shadow Adept, a mage which is unable to use regular arcane magic, but uses Shadow Weave magic instead, having a selection of roughly a dozen spells for each spell level. Some spells are imitations of those of the Weave, with similar but often more powerful effects. Others have unique effects not shared by any other spells. However, such power comes as a price, as each spell the Shadow Adept uses also carries the risk of temporarily draining the caster’s Constitution, causing the risk of death if too many spells are cast in succession. The more powerful the spell, the greater the cost.

More information on the mod can be found here.

“Born of a supernatural bloodline, a warlock seeks to master the perilous magic that suffuses their soul. Unlike sorcerers and wizards, who approach arcane magic through the medium of spells, a warlock invokes powerful magic through nothing more than an effort of will. The font of dark magic burning in their souls makes them resistant to many forms of attack and arms them with dangerous power.”

This mod adds a loose adaptation of the Warlock class from 3.5 edition inspired by Neverwinter Nights 2. The warlock is an arcanist who draws power from otherworldly pacts. They are a unique type of spellcaster, making up for their lack of versatility with spontaneity, having access to an array of baleful invocations to curse and inflict massive damage at will.

More information on the mod can be found here.

“Rules are more like guidelines, really.”

This mod originally began as one small dialogue convenience tweak. Then it grew to a few dialogue tweaks. Then a rule tweak. Then a few more tweaks. Eventually, it grew into a full-fledged tweak pack of its own, and continues to grow to this day. This pack includes tweaks for dialogue, rules, stats, graphics, animations and any other things that my experiments find some success with.

New racial enemies?
Better shapeshifting?
A buff to Sword and Shield style?

Whether you’re looking for something in particular or just trying to shake things up a little, my house rule tweaks may have something that will interest you.

More information on the mod can be found here.

Some mods I’ve made and contributed to for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition.

Minerva, NG Gnome Fighter/Artificer

Minerva Glimmershine is a Lantanese artificer who lives for the excitement of adventuring. Both easygoing and lively, her expertise in both artifice and knife-throwing could be valuable to any adventuring party… provided one doesn’t mind the company of a gnome whose enthusiasm could not be curbed by even the Nine Hells themselves. Can be romanced by a PC of any race or gender.

More information on the mod can be found here.

Karihi, CN Fire Genasi Pyromancer

A genasi mage with tremendous skills in incendiary magic only matched by her personality. Despite her clearly noble bearing, she is ironically found in the cold and barren north with naught but her magical attire and a bitingly sharp wit. If one can tolerate her temper and sardonic wit, however, they may be surprised by the person beneath the fiery exterior. Can be romanced by a male human, elven or half-elven PC.

More information on the mod can be found here.

Icewind Dale Crossmod Banter Pack

Interparty banters are a natural component of NPC mods. This mod, hosted by the Gibberlings 3 mod site, contains a collaboration of written banters between most NPC mods made for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Editions. Add some life to the party by installing this mod after whichever NPC mods you choose to include in your northern venture. Many thanks to CamDawg at G3 for hosting this project.

Collaborators: Myself, Kulyok, Lava Del’Vortel

This mod may be installed from Gibberlings 3, found here.

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