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Many updates.

Those who keep up at Beamdog Forums will be aware of several mod updates, but this site’s not been keeping up to par, and for that I apologize. While there are probably too many minor updates to list them, I’ll just mention some of the most significant changes below:

The Artisan’s Kitpack has had some makeovers, such as integrating the assassin rework’s Poison Weapon into all kits that make use of the same ability – including the newest component, a Blackguard rework.

Aura v3.0 has undergone some major updates, including kit ability updates, a new Priestess kit, bugfixes, and tentative EET compatibility. Stay tuned for BG2 content.

The Warlock mod has had some major overhauls, giving it better scaling, a more streamlined spellcasting mechanic for its blast essences, IWDEE compatibility, and more.

Shadow Magic has undergone some significant spell changes.

Sirene’s martyr kit has undergone a major overhaul – see details here. Both BG1 and BG2 content have been updated with the new version of the kit.

Thank you for all of your patience, support and patronage!

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