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“Vaz zur, zi Kar’shuun kor dul ri hrung. Nar zur, zi Kar’shuun ielan lar i hrung. Tor zur, zi Kar’shuun hakh ri hrung.”

“In the beginning, all Kar’shuun are born at home. In the middle, all Kar’shuun dream of home. In the end, all Kar’shuun die at home.”

Through circumstance, you come to rescue a hapless goblin trader named Chir’r. Out of gratitude for your mercy, and seeing in you hope for his kin, he directs you on the path to his home in the northern mountains, the hidden goblin clanhold of Kar’shuun, home of peaceful goblins with the dream of establishing their cavernous hold into a fully functioning city. But the fate of Kar’shuun is uncertain, its citizens naive to the ways of the outer world. Will your presence lead Kar’shuun, and its people, into a new age of light and prosperity… or darkness?

Only through intervention in the affairs of Kar’shuun, to help—or harm—the idealistic goblins that call it home, can the answer be known.

Karshuun: The Goblin City is a mod currently in the making. It includes a new set of areas that involve a new sub-questline, various fun and sidequests, new items, new encounters, and a new joinable companion—Kyrrhe, a young goblin sorcerer, aspiring to become an ambassador for his people to Amn.

Background Theme of Karshuun: City of Goblins

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