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Full Name: Minerva Gwyndoline Glimmershine
Race: Gnome
Class: Fighter / Thief (Artificer)

  • Dagger ++++

Minerva’s portrait was created by myself using Creative Commons stock images.

Minerva is voiced by the wonderful Kait.

Minerva’s theme is ‘Among the Clouds’ composed by Darren Curtis.


For those who enjoyed travelling with Aura in BG1 (as well as those anticipating her BG2 continuation) here’s another companion along a similar vein for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition. Minerva Glimmershine is the paternal grandmother of Aura – a similarly prodigious artificer and freewheeling adventurer. Confident, daring and good-spirited, Minerva will jump at the opportunity to join the party in Easthaven, and will serve as a valuable companion with her skills in artifice, knife-throwing expertise, and boundless optimism.


“When asked about her past, MINERVA giggles as if you’ve said something incredibly amusing, before asking why you’d ask about the past when the present holds such excitement. After some nudging, however, she confesses that she was born of the Glimmershine clan, who hail from the distant island nation known as Lantan. Known for their numerable advancements in the field of science and technology, Lantanese artificers rarely stray from their island and their colonies throughout Faerun, making Minerva’s presence in the North an unusual circumstance. When pressed on this, Minerva simply states that the thrill of wanderlust and adventure drove her to leave the comforts of her home, and her greatest desire is to travel the entirety of Faerun… and perhaps beyond. For what purpose besides her own amusement, however, you cannot say.”

Where do I recruit Minerva?

A: Minerva will make her presence clear upon leaving the tavern, singing atop the fishmonger's home. Approach her to start her introduction.

How often will Minerva speak with the protagonist?

A: Very frequently. Unlike my Baldur's Gate mods, Minerva's dialogues are stage- and area-based, which means the moments where dialogue starts are consistent and there is no need to take your time in order to avoid 'missing' dialogues. Additionally, if you do miss a dialogue it does not impact any future dialogues as a result.

Will Minerva romance my protagonist?

A: Yes... sort of. While you may flirt with Minerva and start a relationship, there are few unique romantic talks, with most romance content being extended dialogue within the friendship conversations.

To romance Minerva, the player must have 14+ Intelligence and 12+ Charisma, and be of any race and either gender (gnomes get a few extra bits of dialogue)

What are the major differences between Minerva and Aura?


Gameplay-wise: Minerva, due to lacking specialized magical training, lacks Aura's Craft Rune ability. As a multi-class fighter/artificer, she is much more combat-oriented, and with High Mastery in daggers, is versatile in both melee and range. In place of Aura's Sunshooter and arrows, Minerva may craft 'Blast Knives', explosive blades loaded with explosive oil that burn and stun enemies. Her Craft Automaton ability also creates a very different ally. Additionally, due to the lack of High Level Abilities in Icewind Dale, Minerva will gain the Master Alchemist and Grand Artifice abilities naturally with level.

Personality-wise: Minerva is as bright and pleasant as Aura, but has a far more confident and outspoken personality. With more decades of experience in adventuring, she is more streetwise and hardened, and will not shy away from doing dirty work when necessary. While she will definitely resemble her future granddaughter in many ways, she is her own person overall.

There is a huge lack of enchanted throwing daggers in Icewind Dale...

A: Yes. Taking this into account, the Boomerang Dagger +2 and Firetooth +3 from Baldur's Gate have been implemented into Icewind Dale. Both can be acquired from merchants.

Does Minerva have content for Heart of Winter and Trials of the Luremaster?

A: Yes, she has substantial amounts of dialogue for both.

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