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This mod focuses on adding bard-centric content. It is primarily designed for Baldur’s Gate, but the kits are compatible with Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition. Kits and items are included, and new spells may come in the future.




This component adds new bard-themed items to BG:EE and BG2:EE.

5 new items are added to BG:EE in a few locations in the game.

  • Belt of Profane Poise

  • The Sylphen Guard

  • Isai’s Lucky Armor

  • Yvossa’s Veil

  • The Learned

12 new items are added to BG2:EE, mostly intended for bards although a couple can also be used by other classes.

All items can be bought at Trademeet from a new merchant, Leanne the bard. She can be found in Trademeet, within the blue tent outside of the city. Location here.

Additionally, the PC can purchase one of two legendary weapons only usable by bards for a very high price. In order for her to offer these weapons, the PC must have an ‘extreme’ reputation (i.e. 20 or 1 reputation). If the PC is a bard, Leanne will offer the weapons at a significant discount, albeit the end cost is still pricey. Item descriptions here.

The Item Pack adds the following items to the game:

  • Unseen +4 (short sword)

  • Armor of the Grey Fox +3 (leather armor)

  • Resonating Shield +1 (buckler)

  • Harp of Tranquility (casts Eldath’s Mist 1x/day)

  • Haven Lute (casts Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere 3x/day)

  • Dancing Heels (boots)

  • Silence (amulet)

  • Cacophonic Voice +4 (halberd)

  • Whispering Links +2 (chain mail)

  • Cloak of the Wild Singer (cloak)

Leanne’s two legendary weapons:

  • Dirge +5 (long sword)

  • Lament +5 (shortbow)

Additional component: Jester’s Chain for Jesters: The Jester’s Chain is massively disappointing for two major reasons. One, its intended users, jesters, can’t wear it very well due to it disabling casting. Two, it’s pretty garbage, especially for the number of tokens you need to give up to acquire it. This is a major error that must be fixed. The improved jester’s chain no longer disables spellcasting and provides a jester with an armor class bonus vs. missile weapons. However, the armor may be unpredictable – the wearer has a small chance to cause a wild surge with any spell they cast while wearing the armor. Fortunately, jesters gain a slight edge by having the protection of a Chaos Shield.

Also, the armor is now significantly more colorful. No self-respecting jester would settle for less.

In-game description and statistics here.


This component adds Bardic Inspirations to the unkitted bard. Inspirations are persistent effects that benefit the party so long as members are close to the bard. The bard begins with a single inspiration, and gain more as they level.

Inspire Courage (1st level): Allies gain +1 to hit rolls and increased morale. Bonuses to hit increase to +2 at 8th level, +3 at 15th level and +4 at 22nd level.

Inspire Competence (3rd level): Allies gain +10 to Lore and Thieving Skills. Bonuses increase to +20 at 10th level and +30 at 17th level.

 Inspire Defense: (6th level): Allies gain +2 to Armor Class. Bonuses increase to +3 at 14th level, +4 at 22nd level.

Inspire Regeneration (10th level): Allies regenerate for 1 hit point per round. Regeneration increases to 2 hit points at 17th level and 3 hit points at 24th level.

Inspire Toughness (12th level): Allies gain +2 to all Saving Throws. Bonuses increase to +3 at 17th level and +4 at 24th level.

Inspire Alacrity (20th level): Allies gain +1 to casting speed. Bonuses increases to +2 to casting speed at 40th level.

If this component is installed after Shadow Magic, the Nightsinger kit will gain Dark Inspirations.

Inspire Wrath (1st level): Allies gain a +2 bonus to minimum damage rolls, but a -1 penalty to Armor Class. Bonuses and penalties increase to +3/-1 at 8th level, +4/-2 at 15th level and +5/-2 at 22nd level.

Inspire Ambition (3rd level): Allies gain +1 to Casting Level and +10% to Spell Duration. Bonuses increase to +2 and +20% respectively at 10th level and +3 and +30% respectively at 17th level.

Inspire Preservation (6th level): Allies gain +2% Magic Resistance. Bonuses increase to +4% at 10th level, +6% at 15th level and +8% at 20th level.

Inspire Voracity (10th level): Allies’ attacks drain targets for 1 hit point in magic damage. Damage increases to 2 hit points at 17th level and 3 hit points at 24th level.

Inspire Audacity (12th level): Allies gain +1 to Backstab and Critical Hit Modifiers.

Inspire Dominance (20th level): Allies gain a +10% bonus to damage dealt from all sources. Bonuses increase to +20% at 40th level.


This component tweaks all armor in the game of studded leather level and below to no longer disable spellcasting when worn by bards, allowing the class to take full advantage of their ability to wear said armors. For maximum compatibility, install this after mods that add new armors or modify existing armors.


For those who prefer their bards to take a more proactive role in combat while still wanting the benefits of their bard song, this component changes the core mechanic of singing for the vanilla bard, its kits, and all kits included within this mod. Rather than a modal action, the bard song button instead functions as a reusable spell that applies the effects of the bard’s song as an aura for 3 rounds + 1 round per 3 levels. There is a cooldown of five rounds once the song ends before the bard may sing again.

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