sirenebg2-iconMod Overview

  • 1 new NPC with banters, interjections and talks to PC
  • New items and spells
  • New encounters
  • NPC-exclusive kit with new abilities
  • Friendship and romance
  • Crossmod content

This mod adds a new joinable NPC to the game: Sirene, a tiefling paladin of Ilmater. She has a custom kit: Martyr.

She can be found within the High Hall of the Radiant Heart, in the corridor past the entrance. She will only join a non-evil PC. Her level is dependent on the PC’s upon joining.

She has both a friendship path and a romance, which can be initiated by a PC of either gender with 12 or higher charisma. PCs who knew her from BG1 can bring up their past for an extra talk.

She is compatible with all NPCs except Dorn and Hexxat, who she will come to conflict with quickly and force you to choose between them.


“When asked about her past, SIRENE averts her gaze and flatly states that there is little to say. She was orphaned and left to die as a babe, likely abandoned due to her apparent fiendish heritage. Only by luck did she survive having by being discovered by a travelling priest of Ilmater, who brought her to others of his faith and raised her as a Holy Warrior of Suffering, the order of paladins dedicated to the Crying God. She resents her own contradictory nature, though she is unsure of which side.”

Friendship & Romance

Sirene can be befriended by a PC of any alignment, race or statistics though she will not join evil protagonists. A PC with 12 or more Charisma of either gender and any race or class can start a romance with her. Bear in mind that Sirene will not ‘come on’ to you as vanilla romances do, and you actually have to show interest at some point during her friendship talks for the romance to take over. If she knew the PC from Baldur’s Gate 1, the romance can start from their very first talk, while those who just met her will have to talk to her a few times.


Sirene comes with crossmod content, which includes banters with the following mod NPCs: Fade, Foundling, Yvette and Pai’Na.

Sirene also has interjections in the following quest mods: Innershade, Tales of the Deep Gardens and I Shall Never Forget.

Sirene also reacts to the following NPCS for the Romantic Encounters mod. Details may be found in the readme. (this component can be installed separately)


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