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Warhorn Shaman (Shaman)

WARHORN SHAMAN: Northern shamans who are also skilled warriors, Warhorn Shamans are capable of calling upon spirits of warriors from planes such as Valhalla or Warrior’s Rest. Many of these shamans worship Tempus, the Lord of Battles, and often are just as capable in battle as they are in shamanic magic.

– Hit Die: d10
– May be of any non-Lawful alignment.
– May specialize in all weapons that are usable by shamans.
– May fully specialize in all weapon styles.
– Gains immediate access to a number of unique spells, which can be cast like any other: Battle Ardor, Rallying Cry, Fury of the Winds, Storm Barrier, Stormbound Axes, Wrath of the Skies, Undying Fervor
– May use Rage ability once per day. Gains one use at level 1 and an additional use every 6 levels thereafter.

RAGE: The enraged state lasts for 1 turn. While enraged, a Berserker gains a bonus of +2 to <PRO_HISHER> attack and damage rolls as well as to <PRO_HISHER> Armor Class, and becomes immune to charm, confusion, fear, feeblemind, hold, imprisonment, level drain, maze, stun, and sleep. The Berserker also gains 15 temporary Hit Points which are taken away at the end of <PRO_HISHER> berserk spree, possibly knocking <PRO_HIMHER> unconscious.

– Shamanic Dance summons the following creatures:
Level 1: Warrior Spirits (long sword, longbow), up to 2 spirits at the same time.
Level 6: Berserker Spirits (dual axes, two-handed sword), up to 3 spirits at the same time.
Level 12: Ancestral Spirits (fighter/clerics), up to 4 spirits at the same time.
Level 18: Valkyries (archer, shieldmaiden), up to 5 spirits at the same time.

– Only has one half the normal Detect Illusions score.
– May not cast shaman-exclusive spells.
– May only be human.
– May cast one fewer spell per level per day.

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