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SHADOW MONK: Little is known about the secretive order of shadow monks, other than the fact that they draw upon the power of the Shadow Plane to wield dark ki. They are masterful assassins, manipulating powerful illusions to their advantage and skilled at striking from the shadows, but their ritualistic training has taken a toll on their physical stamina.

– +1 bonus to Dexterity.
– Gains the Darkvision innate ability.

DARKVISION: The shadow monk is gifted with the ability to see in the dark even better than in light. permanently gains infravision and immunity to blindness.

– Gains the Life-Drain innate ability.

LIFE-DRAIN: Shadow monks channel the power of the Shadow Plane into their fists, gaining bonus effects based off of their level.

1st – 9th level: Drains 1 hit point on hit.
10th – 19th level: Drains 2 hit points and lowers target’s strength by 1 for 2 rounds (save vs. death to avoid strength drain)
20th level onwards: Drains 3 hit points, lowers target’s strength by 1 and 20% chance to drain one level permanently on hit

– Has a backstab multiplier of x2. Increases to x3 at 11th level and x4 at 21st level.

– 3rd level: May use the Shadow Pool ability.

SHADOW POOL: Shadow monks wield the power of the Shadow Plane and can manipulate it in order to cast a limited amount of Shadow Magic. The shadow monk must first spend one round drawing energy from the Shadow Weave then cast the spell. The shadow monk’s concentration may be disrupted during the channeling or the casting time.

Level 1 (3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th levels): Shadow Missile, Blinding Darkness, Shadow Veil, Decoy
Level 2 (7th, 10th, 13th, 16th levels): Dark Mirage, Black Mist, Ghostly Visage, Shadow Walk
Level 3 (11th, 17th, 23rd levels): Shadowblast, Lifedrinker Touch, Shadow Comets, Impose
Level 4 (15th, 21st, 27th levels): Fireshield (Shadow), Shadeskin, Summon Shadow, Shar’s Blessing

– 5th level: May cast Shadowstep once per day. Gains an additional use every 5 levels thereafter.

SHADOWSTEP: Step into the Shadow Plane and move for 7 seconds while others are frozen in time. The shadow monk cannot attack or use spells while in the Shadow Plane.

– 12th level: May cast Shadow Door once per day. Gains additional uses at 16th and 20th level.
– 15th level: May use the Deathstrike ability once per day.

DEATHSTRIKE: The shadow monk teleports to a chosen target and turns invisible for one round. next attack within one round is a guaranteed critical hit and drains six levels from the target.

– Hit Die: d6
– -2 penalty to Strength.
– -4 penalty to Constitution.
– Alignment restricted to non-lawful and non-good.
– Uses the shadowdancer’s high level abilities table instead of the fighter’s, with the exclusion of Use Any Item.
– May not use the Lay On Hands ability.
– May not use the Stunning Blow ability.
– May not use the Quivering Palm ability.

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