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Mystic Fire (Paladin)

MYSTIC FIRE: Knights of the Mystic Fire are paladins dedicated to the church of Mystra, goddess of magic. They are proficient in martial combat as well as arcane magic. Aside from traditional virtues of paladinhood, Mystic Fire Knights devote part of their lives in the discovery and study of ancient magic.

– +2 bonus to Lore per level.
– May cast two additional spells per level.
– +1 to Saving Throws vs. Spells. Gains an additional +1 at level 5 and every 5 levels gained thereafter.
– The Mystic Fire’s spells are cast as though <PRO_HESHE> were a cleric of the same level.
– May cast the following spells as priest spells:

Level 1: Magic Missile, Shocking Grasp, Shield, Find Familiar
Level 2: Mirror Image, Web, Melf’s Acid Arrow, Invisibility
Level 3: Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Haste, Minor Spell Deflection
Level 4: Greater Malison, Fire Shield (Red), Stoneskin, Secret Word

– May use ‘Shatter Spell’ ability once per day and an additional use every 6 levels thereafter.

SHATTER SPELL: Knights of the Mystic Fire are able to smite spellcasters and disrupt their defensive spells as well as their ability to cast magic. The next attack made by the Mystic Fire within two rounds will dispel the target’s combat protections. Additionally, if the target fails a save vs. spells at -2, they suffer 100% spell failure for two rounds.

– May use ‘Spellblade’ ability once per day from 5th level onwards.

SPELLBLADE: The Mystic Fire Knight enchants <PRO_HISHER> weapon for the next hour, giving it a +3 enchantment level and dealing 1d4 magic damage (+1d4 per five caster levels up to level 20) and reducing targets’ magic resistance by 5% per hit for two turns. Enchantment bonus increases to +4 at 12th level and +5 at 18th level.


– -1 penalty to THAC0 modifier, with an additional -1 at 10th level and every 10 levels thereafter.
– May not learn the following High Level Abilities: Whirlwind Attack, Greater Whirlwind Attack, Power Attack, Critical Strike, Smite
– May not use Protection From Evil.
– May not Turn Undead.
– May not use Lay on Hands.

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