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The Fallen Light

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An in-progress mod, with the intent of serving as a finale to the tragic tale of the former Shining Lady – Caelar Argent, disgraced servant of Lathander.


  • The quest will begin once the PC reaches 1,000,000 experience (with options for a reduced or removed requirement).
  • The plot assumes that Caelar allied herself with the PC and survived the events of Avernus. If installed on EET, content will be disabled if another path was taken for the sake of continuity.
  • Caelar will converse with the PC frequently, and I hope for a very diverse range of dialogue options. The PC can be sympathetic, judgmental, or sadistic as they please. Remember that Caelar is no mindless thrall, though, and will react appropriately. She is with the PC by choice, so taunting her too much may have… violent results.
  • She will likely be… different to her portrayal in SoD. Hopefully not to the point of complete OOCness, but there will be more depth into Caelar as a person that separates her from the Shining Lady persona (which she has personally abandoned). While she is a force of good, she is not the most pleasant person to be around. Don’t expect her to be full of remorse or shower the PC with gratitude. Caelar is a stubborn, defensive and prideful woman, at least on the exterior, and full of cynicism due to the the awful things that she has been through.
  • Aside from Caelar, this mod will explore the backgrounds of characters such as Aun Argent, Hephernaan, Thrix, Caelar’s parents (deceased) and various crusaders.
  • Caelar will always join a non-evil PC with a reputation greater than 8. An evil PC with 15+ reputation and 17+ Charisma can persuade her to join.
  • Caelar retains her SoD level of 15 and all her equipment. She is likely to be stronger than anyone else in your party, which is why the quest has an experience requirement. Her -20% experience reduction serves as a sort of counterbalance.
  • If the PC’s reputation drops too low, she will leave.
  • Caelar will not accept Dorn or Hexxat in the party.
  • Caelar will not remain with a PC who works with Bodhi.
  • If the PC attacks the Order of the Radiant Heart or the Temple of Lathander, even as part of the Talos stronghold quest, she will turn against them!
  • There is no plans for romance, at least for now.
  • There will be no corruption path. Sorry.

Champion of the Aster (Fighter)

CHAMPION OF THE ASTER: Followers of Lathander that are born with the blood of the Upper Planes train to become Champions of the Aster and are granted divine powers directly from the Morninglord to spread light and destroy evil throughout the Realms.
– +1 to maximum Wisdom and Charisma.
– +3 to hit and damage against demons and devils.
– May cast the priest spell Bless as an innate ability once per day. Gains one use at level 1 and an additional use every 10 levels thereafter.
– May cast the priest spell Cure Critical Wounds as an ability three times a day starting at level 10.
– May cast Shining Bolt once per day starting at level 12. Gains an additional use every 10 levels thereafter.

SHINING BOLT: This unique ability allows the user to hurl a bolt of divine energy at an enemy once per day, dealing them 5d6 points of magic damage. Undead creatures and fiends are particularly susceptible to the bolt’s effects, suffering double damage when they are struck. The target’s Magic Resistance, if any, does not affect this ability.

– May choose Summon Deva as a High Level Ability.

– Receives a -20% penalty to all experience gained.
– Must be an aasimar.
– Alignment restricted to good.


The Fallen Light
Mount Dawngleam
Caelar Argent



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