Shadow Magic: Thultanthar, City of Shades


Thultanthar City.png



The Phantasmal Tower

Mage tower of the ruling archwizard, Kryn Darkflame. The archmage is more moderate and pragmatic than his rivals, and is one of the few archmages known to accept slaves with magical talent as apprentices. As a result, the Phantasmal Tower is one of the most populated and the most diverse in the city with mages from various races and stations.

The Umbral Arcanaeum

This extravagant store specializes in magical wares. Its owner, Umbra ut Veritas, is an immortal shade, making it (him?) one of the most powerful beings in the district if not the whole city. Perhaps fortunately, it is more interested in collecting magic and secrets than spreading its influence and will welcome any customer with magic worth bartering, even outsiders.

Ebonshade Tavern

The local tavern. Its proprietor, Janus Ebonmere, is a mage and a high-ranking magister. He is highly possessive of his domain and even guards it with an anti-magic field, preventing anyone aside from himself from using magic while inside of his establishment. He is rumored to have spies all over the district that tell him everything that is happening

Blacksteel Smithy

Its owner, Aldon Val’kar, is a blacksmith with some magical ability. He is capable of creating weapons infused with shadow magic, however, he is afflicted with a curse placed on him by a mortal enemy which renders him unable to speak, limiting his skills.


The Dusk District’s guards and soldiers are controlled by commander Victus, an ally of archmage Darkflame. While not a mage, he is capable of abilities that are viewed to be magical.

Temple of Shar

This temple is smaller than others in the city, whether by design or because Shar worship is less prevalent in the Dusk District. The highest ranked of the clergy is High Priestess Alestria Shadowstar.

The Undercaverns

The tunnels that run beneath the district are rich in ebonshade, a magical essence which empowers shadow adepts but also drives them insane if taken in overdose. In other parts of the city, the task of harvesting the essence is left to slaves, but in the Dusk District it is done by the apprentices of the Phantasmal Tower as it is considered more efficient for the dangers involved, as various monsters such as shadows are frequently created by the negative energy.