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NIGHTSINGER: A rare class of bards that choose to study the power of the Shadow Weave gain access to its dark powers, bestowing upon them a dirge capable of cursing their enemies.
– +5% Magic Resistance.
– +25% Cold and Magic Damage Resistance.
– +2 bonus to saving throws against spells of the Enchantment, Illusion and Necromancy schools.
– Darkvision: The shadow adept is gifted with the ability to see better in darkness than in light, gaining permanent Infravision and immunity to blindness.
– The Nightsinger’s Bard Song, “Dirge of Despair”, inflicts a harrowing curse upon all enemies who listen. Victims suffer from the pain of overwhelming sorrow and slowly lose the will to live. Enemies with less than 50% maximum hit points lose twice as many hit points per round. Enemies with less than 25% hit points additionally incur a penalty to morale.
1st level: Enemies incur a -2 penalty to Luck and Saving Throws and lose 1 Hit Point per round. -1 to Morale.
15th level: Enemies incur a -3 penalty to Luck and Saving Throws and lose 3 Hit Points per round. -2 to Morale.
20th level: Enemies incur a -4 penalty to Luck and Saving Throws and lose 5 Hit Points per round. -3 to Morale.
– May use Shadow Magic.
– 6th level: May use the Shield of Shadows ability once per day.
SHIELD OF SHADOWS: The shadow adept surrounds <HIMHER>self with a barrier of purpleblack force. This shield of shadows functions like a shield spell, setting <HISHER> armor class to 4 (2 against ranged weapons) and absorbing magic missiles cast at <PRO_HIMHER> for 1 hour per 2 levels to a maximum of 9 hours.
From 8th level onwards, the shield of shadows also grants +4 to saving throws vs. death and +1 to all other saving throws.
– 7th level: May use Shadowstep once per day. Gains one use every 5 levels thereafter.
SHADOWSTEP: Step into the Shadow Plane and move for 7 seconds while others are frozen in time. The shadow adept cannot attack or use spells while in the Shadow Plane.
– 8th level: May use Find Shadow Familiar. This ability is only available to the protagonist.
FIND SHADOW FAMILIAR: The shadow adept may, once in their lifetime, bind a creature from the Plane of Shadow to them permanently, sacrificing four points of Constitution (which gradually recovers over several weeks) to summon a shadow familiar.
– 18th level: May use the Shadow Double ability once per day.
SHADOW DOUBLE: The shadow adept creates a copy of <HIMHER>self out of shadowstuff. The copy is at 60% of the caster’s level and has all the spells and abilities that the caster would have at that level.
– Suffers a -2 penalty to casting speed and caster level while in daylight.
– -2 penalty to saving throws against spells of the Invocation and Alteration schools.
– May not learn or use spells from the Weave.
– Alignment restricted to Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral or Neutral Evil.
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