Shadow Magic: Innates

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C0SA100000 Shield of Shadows

The shadow adept surrounds <HIMHER>self with a barrier of purpleblack force. This shield of shadows functions like a shield spell, setting <HISHER> armor class to 4 (2 against ranged weapons) and absorbing magic missiles cast at him for 1 hour per 2 levels to a maximum of 9 hours.

SPSD02B00000 Shadowstep

The character steps into the Shadow Plane and may move for 7 seconds while others are frozen in time. The caster cannot attack or cast spells while in the Shadow Plane.

C0SA2B00000 Shadow Double

The shadow adept creates a copy of himself out of shadowstuff. The copy is at 60% of the caster’s level and has all the spells and abilities that the caster would have at that level.

C0SAFAMB00000 OPTIONAL: Find Shadow Familiar

This spell only needs to be cast once; upon casting, the shadow adept summons a creature from the Plane of Shadow to become <PRO_HISHER> aide and companion. However, this magical contract made between the caster and summon requires a sacrifice from the shadow adept. Upon casting this spell, the shadow adept loses four points of Constitution which gradually recovers over the course of four weeks. However, as the summoned creature is not native to the Prime Material Plane and usually unliving, they cannot be ‘killed’ in battle and if they are destroyed will reform after 24 hours have passed with no harm dealt to their summoner. Shadow familiars grow stronger with their caster and gain new abilities upon their master reaching certain experience thresholds.

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