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Important NPCs – The Fallen Light

Caelar Argent

The former Shining Lady is the centerpiece of the mod and can be called the protagonist of her own story line. Though still noble and honorable to a fault, her stubbornness, self-righteousness and borderline arrogance is still a major aspect of her character despite having faced the huge consequences of her errors.

Damos Morningflame

A capable mage and priest of Lathander who served in the crusade, and one of the few who knew Caelar beyond her persona as the Shining Lady. It is through his efforts that Caelar is saved and brought back to the Prime Material Plane. He has a troubled past with connections to a cult of devil-worshippers.

Thrix the Profane

The fork-tongued devil makes his appearance once again, this time with a far greater role. Cruel and ambitious, he has stepped atop the ashes of his former masters and is attempting to step to a higher station in the infernal politics of Baator. He enjoys collecting the souls of the dead and using them against those they would hurt the most.


Though he is long dead, Hephernaan’s influence remains with the Shining Lady and his actions have greatly shaped her into the person she is now. The details of his past with Caelar is gradually revealed throughout the plot.

Anduskasiskr, the Radiant Light

A venerable gold dragon who resides in Mount Dawngleam, he guards the sacred mountain and mentors those who make their pilgrimage there. Caelar once sought his counsel at a prior time.

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