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Important NPCs – Drake

Vance O’Dwyer, aka Stoneheart of Amn

Race: Human
Age: 33
Class: Assassin -> Fighter
Alignment: Lawful Good (formerly True Neutral)
STR: 17 DEX: 16 CON: 15 INT: 14 WIS: 10 CHA: 12 Total: 84
Favorite Weapon: The Willow (Long Bow)
Favorite Ability: Poison Weapon

Background: The sole child of an Amnian tea farmer, Vance O’Dwyer fell in with the wrong sorts at a young age trying to make a living. Having a talent for stealth and thievery, he was coerced into joining the Shadow Thieves, who thought to make use of his skills. Vance quickly rose among the ranks of his local guild, becoming a skilled racketeer and cutthroat and learned many unsavory trades such as the use of poison. Unfortunately, an unsuccessful mission led to his capture and arrest at the hands of the local law, and his fellow thieves abandoned him to his fate. The magistrate offered him a choice of death by the gallows or by service, and Vance chose the latter. He became a scout for the Amnian army, where he met a noble-born priest called Drake Caulfield. The two had much in common and became companions during wartime, though Vance kept his past a secret for fear of being ostracized.

When the war ended, Vance and Drake separated for some time as Drake entered the Order of the Radiant Heart and Vance, lacking a direction in life, decided to take on a role as an agent and spy for the Council of Six, adopting the alias of ‘Stoneheart’. True to his name, he is cold and efficient when it comes to completing any task demanded of him, yet outside of his role as an enforcer and assassin, he is a surprisingly personable, sarcastic and empathetic person with a strong moral code.

Sir Durand Caulfield, Prelate of the Order

Race: Human
Age: 67
Class: Inquisitor
Alignment: Lawful Good
STR: 18/95 DEX: 8 CON: 16 INT: 16 WIS: 15 CHA: 17 Total: 90
Favorite Weapon: Coldfaith (War Hammer)
Favorite Ability: True Sight

Background: Drake’s father, the current head of the Caulfield family, and one of the three prelates of the Amnian Order of the Radiant Heart. A stern and dedicated man, he holds high expectations from his children yet remains distant from them due to his duties to the Order. He and Drake have a complex relationship, mainly due to his lack of presence in Drake’s life until the death of his eldest son as well as his disapproval of Drake’s seemingly apathetic and self-destructive ways.

Lady Sethe Brightmantle, Prelate of the Order

Race: Human
Age: 51
Class: Cavalier
Alignment: Lawful Good
STR: 18/10 DEX: 18 CON: 16 INT: 12 WIS: 14 CHA: 17 Total: 95
Favorite Weapon: Multiple
Favorite Ability: Remove Fear

Background: The third prelate of the Order, and Gabriel’s mentor. Her skill and valor in battle earned her the title of “War Deva” among her peers. Has a cold and uncompromising personality, and is quick to bring the blade down on disloyal Order members.

Sir Gabriel Caulfield, Knight of the Order

Race: Human
Age: deceased at age 28
Class: Cavalier
Alignment: Lawful Good
STR: 16 DEX: 15 CON: 16 INT: 14 WIS: 16 CHA: 18 Total: 95
Favorite Weapon: The Summer Rain (Spear)
Favorite Ability: Remove Fear

Background: Drake’s older brother, and the eldest son of the Caulfield family. He was slain in the Sythillisian war 10 years prior to the start of BG1, and the resulting consequences of his death have affected the family to the current day. He is described by many as being the ‘ideal hero’, yet Drake scoffs at the concept considering the events which led to his fate. Despite this, Drake often thinks fondly of his late brother.

Tomas Caulfield

Race: Human
Age: 20
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Neutral Good
STR: 15 DEX: 17 CON: 10 INT: 16 WIS: 10 CHA: 14 Total: 82
Favorite Weapon: Long Bow +2
Favorite Ability: Called Shot

Background: Drake’s younger brother. An aspiring squire of the Order, he is still naive and idealistic due to being sheltered from the realities of battle. Despite this, his surprising intelligence allows him to adapt quickly during his earliest appearance within the story. Despite trading barbs with Drake whenever they meet, they share a close relationship.

Claudia Caulfield

Race: Human
Age: 12
Alignment: Neutral Good
Background: Drake’s younger sister. Though young, she show surprising insight and is said to be the one who understand Drake the most. While she is a skilled fencer, she has little interest in following her brothers’ footsteps and prefers indulging in the arts and music.

Lady Caroline Caulfield, nee Eveningstar

Race: Human
Age: 56
Alignment: Neutral Good
Background: Drake’s mother. She shares a close relationship with her children and is the wisest of the family. Despite being proud of her sons, she frequently finds herself worrying about their safety and well-being.

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