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“I know, to you my life may have sounded like a terrible nightmare. But I never knew anything better, up until I was free of it forever. Why would I despair?”

Mod Overviewgleya

  • 1 new joinable NPC with banters and interjections
  • New items
  • New spells
  • 1 new encounter
  • Friendship & romance

This mod adds a joinable NPC to Baldur’s Gate II – Gleya, an chaotic good air genasi cleric of Selune.

She can be found in the Docks District of Athkatla, at the port in the southernmost part of the map. You do not need to start a new game to get her into your party.

In ToB, she can also be summoned from the Pocket Plane Fate Spirit.


“When asked about the past, GLEYA merely shrugs. She tells that she was once the healer for the Shining Pearl, a merchant ship which is known for travelling throughout a large portion of Faerun to trade exotic goods. She adds that she was taught the faith of Selune, the Moonmaiden, by a man named Eseim. Her unusual appearance stems from her extraplanar ancestry as a windborn genasi, which she mentions is a heritage not unusual in the djinn-populated land of Calimshan, her birthplace. With her tendency to drift off into different subjects, it is difficult to learn more.”

Friendship & Romance

Gleya can befriend a PC of any gender or alignment so long as they are willing to talk to her. Additionally, a human, elf, half-elf or half-orc PC of either gender with more than 12 Charisma may begin a romance with her after the end of the friendship talks. Gleya will romance a PC of any alignment, but treating her badly or performing evil acts will not endear her to you.

Priestess of Selune Kit

PRIESTESS OF SELUNE: Selune is the chaotic good goddess of stars, wanderers and goodly lycanthropes. Followers of Selune generally have kind personalities and are popular among seafolk due to their skills at navigation.

– May cast Moon Shield once per day per 10 levels of the caster (starts at level 1 with one use).

MOON SHIELD: Using this spell, the Silverstar of Selune raises a barrier of moonlight around herself for 1 round per level of the caster, shielding herself from magic. For the duration, the caster gains 20% magic resistance and +5 to saving throws vs. death and magic.

– 5th level: May cast Starlight’s Blessing once per day. Gains one additional use every 10 levels thereafter.

STARLIGHT’S BLESSING: When this spell is cast, the Silverstar of Selune brands a magical sigil upon her target. For the next 8 hours, if the marked creature is rendered helpless by status effects such as hold, stun, confusion, charm or unconsciousness, the sigil activates, curing them of ailments and healing them for 5d6 hit points. The sigil is removed in the process.

– 14th level: May cast Moonfire as a 7th level priest spell.

– Alignment restricted to neutral good, chaotic good and chaotic neutral.


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