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Sirene – BG:EE, SoD, BG2:EE


A lawful good female tiefling paladin of Ilmater. Banters, friendship, romance for both genders and a custom-designed kit.

Drake – BG:EE, SoD

drake new icon

A neutral good male human priest of Tyr with an irreverent and sarcastic attitude. Banters, friendship and original voicing.

Pai’Na – BG2:EE


A true neutral female half-drow hivemaster. An expansion of the original BG2 minor character with banters and friendship. No voicing.

Aura – BG:EE, SoD

aura-new icon

A lawful good gnome artificer thief. Banters, friendship, quest, new items and hints towards a romance with a female PC.


The Artisan’s Kitpack

This mod adds a collection of custom-made kits and reworks of existing kits for various classes and is a compilation of Arcane Archer, Pale Master, Mystic Fire, Hivemaster, Warhorn Shaman and Way of the Assassin.

Bardic Wonders

Adds four new bard kits to the game, each with specialized custom bard songs. Additionally, a new store that sells bardic items is added to a BG2:EE install.


An implementation of the 3e warlock as a semi-unique class.


Shadow Magic

Adds a new school of magic to the game. Play as a Shadow Adept with a selection of 100+ exclusive Shadow Weave spells, some with similarities with Weave magic while others are completely original. Shadow Magic is more powerful than regular magic but also dangerous as it drains the user’s life force. Includes new kits with exclusive spells, items and familiars.


House Rules

Assorted personalized tweaks that fit no particular category.


Sarevok Animation Patch

Patches up all empty animations for Sarevok’s model, allowing it to be used without crashing or disappearing models.

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