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STORM DRUMMER: Storm Drummers are particularly powerful bards whose music has the power to summon lightning storms. Their drums and booming voices, loud as thunder, can unnerve both enemies and allies alike. However, their unique abilities have led them to shun metal weapons and armor in order to optimize their abilities.

– +20% bonus to electrical damage dealt from all sources.
– +10% resistance to electrical damage. Gains an additional 5% every three levels.
– The Storm Drummer’s Bard Song, “Thunder and Lightning”, does not affect allies. Instead, it has a chance of causing bolts of lightning to strike down from the sky dealing electrical damage to all nearby enemies.
1st level: 20% chance of dealing 2d6 electrical damage
4th level: 25% chance of dealing 2d8 electrical damage
7th level: 30% chance of dealing 2d10 electrical damage
10th level: 35% chance of dealing 3d8 electrical damage
13th level: 40% chance of dealing 3d10 electrical damage
16th level: 45% chance of dealing 4d8 electrical damage
19th level: 50% chance of dealing 4d10 electrical damage

Due to the song’s magical nature, it can be used indoors.

– From 5th level onwards, may use the Storm Shield ability once per day. Extra uses are gained at 10th and 15th level.

STORM SHIELD: This spell lasts 1 round per level of the caster. It protects the caster completely from lightning, fire, cold, and normal missiles.

– From 10th level onwards, may use the Thunderclap ability once per day.

THUNDERCLAP: The Storm Drummer claps their hands together, causing a deafeningly loud blast of sound. All creatures around the Storm Drummer must save vs. spells at -4 or be stunned for one turn. Even if the save is made successfully, all targets are deafened, suffering a 50% chance to miscast any spells. Only the caster is immune to the spell’s effects.

– May not use any metal weapons.
– May not wear armor heavier than studded leather.
– Only has one-half normal Lore value.
– Only has one-half normal Pick Pockets percentage.

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