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DEATHSINGER: A morbid class of bards, deathsingers take pleasure in singing tales of the macabre, and their magical songs are capable of raising the dead from their graves.

– Receives a +15% bonus when scribing scrolls from the Necromancy school.
– Receives a +2 bonus when making Saving Throws against spells from the Necromancy school.
– Targets suffer a -2 penalty when making Saving Throws against spells from the Necromancy school.
– The Deathsinger’s Bard Song, “Call of the Grave”, does not assist allies. Instead, the deathsinger may summon undead creatures under control. While singing, the Deathsinger takes a -4 penalty to Armor Class. Each round while the Deathsinger sings, there is a 35% base chance plus 2% for each level of the Deathsinger that a skeleton will answer the call, up to a maximum of 75% at level 20. Any summoned skeletons will be destroyed if the Deathsinger stops singing. The strength and maximum amount of skeletons summoned increases with level.
1st – 5th level: Summons up to two skeletons with 3 HD.
6th – 11th level: Summons up to three skeletons with up to 5 HD.
12th – 17th level: Summons up to four skeletons with up to 7 HD.
18th level: Summons up to five skeletons with up to 9 HD.

– Gains the following spells as mage spells:

1st level: Doom
2nd level: Death Armor
3rd level: Bestow Curse
4th level: Cloak of Fear
5th level: Slay Living
6th level: Destruction

– May not learn or cast any spells of the Illusion school.
– Receives a -15% penalty when scribing scrolls from other schools.
– May not be good-aligned.
– Only has one-quarter Pick Pockets percentage.

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