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BARDIC WONDERS: Abettor of Mask

ABETTOR OF MASK: Contrary to popular belief, the trickster god Mask’s favor extends past those who walk the path of stealthy arts and trickery. The Abettor is a faithful Maskarran, a deceptive agent of the Lord of Shadows whose gall is tested through tasks that typical bards would balk at due to their dark natures.


– Receives a +5% bonus to Pick Pockets per level.
– Gains a backstab multiplier of x2.
– The Abettor’s song, “One’s Loss, Another’s Gain”, provides thieving and stealth bonuses to the party. The song grants +15% to all thieving skills, increasing by 5% per rank and grants the following effects:
3rd level: Party members passively detect traps
6th level: Party members gain Blur (+3 to AC, +1 to all saving throws)
9th level: The singer has a 50% chance to gain Improved Invisibility for one round
12th level: Party members gain Non-Detection
15th level: The singer has a 100% chance to gain Improved Invisibility for one round

– From 10th level onwards, the Abettor passively has a 1% chance upon taking damage to turn invisible for one turn.
– From 12th level onwards, gains one use of Shadowstep.

SHADOWSTEP: The character steps into the Shadow Plane and may move for 7 seconds while others are frozen in time. The caster cannot attack or cast spells while in the Shadow Plane.

– May learn the Assassination high level ability upon reaching 24th level.

– Must be of True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Evil or Chaotic Evil alignment.
– Only has one-half normal Lore value.
– May not learn the Magic Flute high level ability.
– May only be proficient in weapons usable by thieves.

ENHANCED BARD SONG: Symphony of the Dark Children
This song is a powerful aid to both the Abettor and to his allies. In addition to all existing effects, the song now provides +50% to all thieving skills, +6 to Luck, +4 to Armor Class (+8 vs. missile weapons) with an additional +2 vs. good-aligned creatures, +4 to all saving throws, immunity to backstab and a 20% chance for all party members to turn invisible for two rounds. The Abettor also has a 5% chance to stop time for one round, but he is unable to take any action for the duration.

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