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Author: AionZ

Aura for BG:EE updated to v2.8

Updated to v2.8.

  • Rolled back some kit mechanics that caused incorrect stats for multiclass
  • Improved arrow visuals
  • Improved Aerial Judgment visual

The new visual for the 5th craft rune spell, Aerial Judgment.

Aura for BG:EE updated to v2.7

  • Improved overhead comments in SoD
  • Added an event-based dialogue in SoD
  • Added a few alternate lines for mage-Aura
  • Added visual effect for targets that are Aflame
  • Increased speed and range of thrown explosives
  • Second crossmod banter with Verr occurs during rest as intended

Site overhaul is (mostly) complete.

I hope you all enjoy the updated layout of the site using a new theme. This site will hopefully get better over the next few days or weeks, so stay tuned for more updates.

And, don’t worry, mods are still being worked on.

Aura for BG:EE is open for playtesting.

The beta for Aura NPC for BG:EE only (no SoD content yet) is now available on github. Check it out here:

Drake for BG:EE and BG:SoD BETA available now!

Drake’s updated BG1 and full SoD content has been completed and the first beta is available for playing. Be aware that there will likely be bugs. Please report any found bugs either here or to my profile on Beamdog Forums!

Shadow Magic BETA Release

I’ve released an open beta of a new class/spell mod that I’m currently working on – the Shadow Adept, wielder of Shar’s Shadow Weave. Check it out here.

Sirene NPC for BG2:EE beta available

The continuation of Sirene is now in open beta status and is available for download! This is still an unstable early release so there will likely be bugs so use at your own risk. If you find any issues, please contact me here or at Beamdog Forums and I will work on fixing them asap.

The Artisan’s Corner

Welcome to The Artisan’s Corner! Here you will find third-party created content for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear and Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition. Feel free to look around!