Adventurer (Thief)

ADVENTURER: A cunning rogue who practices thieving skills for the sake of adventuring rather than duplicity, adventurer rogues are skilled at scouting and wilderness survival, usually choosing to specialize in ranged weapons both to hunt and fight from a safe distance.

– +1 to hit and damage rolls with any missile weapon at level 1 and every 3 levels thereafter.
– May achieve Mastery (3 slots) in any missile weapon.
– May use the Called Shot ability once per day. Gains one use at level 4 and an additional use every 4 levels thereafter.

CALLED SHOT: All successful ranged attacks within the next 10 seconds have the following cumulative effects besides normal damage, according to the level of the Adventurer:
4th level: -1 penalty to target’s THAC0.
8th level: -1 penalty to target’s Saving Throws vs. Spell.
12th level: -1 penalty to the target’s Strength score.
16th level: +2 bonus to damage roll.

– May not use Backstab ability.